Sony Noise Reduction Plug-In

Sony Noise Reduction Plug-In 2.0

Save time and money by applying the Noise Reduction to vintage vinyl recordings
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The Noise Reduction™ 2.0 plug-in collection is a series of four professional-level, DirectX®, sound restoration plug-ins: Vinyl Restoration™, Noise Reduction, Clipped Peak Restoration™, and Click and Crackle Removal™ plug-ins. Save valuable time and money by applying the Noise Reduction processing power to salvage vintage vinyl recordings, and rescue problem tracks. For basic restoration solutions, use the Noise Reduction plug-in preset parameters, or develop and save your own custom settings for complete control and unlimited flexibility. Whether you're in radio, multimedia, or music production, the Noise Reduction plug-in collection will prove an invaluable addition to your audio editing suite.

Use this plug-in collection with software or any other DirectX-compatible host application to clean up your audio files and achieve professional results.

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